Women And Children Platform SHOW is Live on Sunuker Fm Radio & Facebook – Host Binette Ngom- Episode 26

Women And Children Platform SHOW Live Sunuker Fm Compétence Indépendance et Crédibilté Juste Pour Vous Servir.
Hosts: Host Binette Ngom
Tous les Mardi @ 20hr GMT (Los Angeles) LIVE Sunuker Fm: La Radio Africaine de Los Angeles

Welcome to WACP, the platform for women and children in California and Senegal to connect, to express themselves, and to learn from each other.

Hosted by Binette Ngom, author of two upcoming books titled “Becoming an Angel of Change” and “101 Core Principles that Transformed my Life in America,” W.A.C.P. represents the GPS for our children to discover their full potential and advance fearlessly with their lives, but it is also the link between families, how parents can learn from each other to enhance their homes, and build good relationships with their children.

In the Spotlight

Boy Djinné Accuse : «Ma Détention Est Illégale Parce Que…»

by James Dillinger in Justice/Tribunal 0

Depuis le Camp pénal de Liberté 6 où il est  incarcéré depuis sa capture en juillet 2016, Baye Modou Fall alias Boy Djinné parle de ses dossiers judiciaires en instance.  Dans une correspondance exclusive adressée à WalfQuotidien, il dénonce [...]

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