Women And Children Platform SHOW is Live on Sunuker Fm Radio & Facebook – Host Binette Ngom- Episode 22

Women And Children Platform SHOW is Live on Sunuker Fm Radio & Facebook – Host Binette Ngom- Episode 22

Live Sunuker Fm Compétence Indépendance et Crédibilté Juste Pour Vous Servir.
Hosts: Host Binette Ngom
Tous les Mardi @ 20hr GMT (1:00 Pm Heure de Los Angeles) LIVE Sunuker Fm: La Radio Africaine de Los Angeles
Women And Children Platform SHOW Live on Sunuker Fm Radio
Welcome to WACP, the platform for women and children in California and Senegal to connect, to express themselves, and to learn from each other.
Hosted by Binette Ngom, author of two upcoming books titled “Becoming an Angel of Change” and “101 Core Principles that Transformed my Life in America,” W.A.C.P. represents the GPS for our children to discover their full potential and advance fearlessly with their lives, but it is also the link between families, how parents can learn from each other to enhance their homes, and build good relationships with their children.
What can you learn from W.A.C.P?
– How to help your children define their own identity and have a high concept of themselves
– How our children can plan and shape their vision for a bright future.
– How to embrace diversity and learn from outsiders
– How to transform your children from greedy to grateful through philanthropy
– How to become a powerful force for change by unlocking your human potential
– How our thoughts and daily habits are blocking our success and how to make a change
– How to use our imagination to create what we want
– What immigrants have brought in America and how Americans can learn from it
– How thankful we are for America as immigrants
– How we can move on together and change our communities for a better society
At the end of each show, W.A.C.P. has one, and only one message for all its listeners, to remind them that:
“The only way to have a safe and stable society is to create strong family structures. We can change the world. It’s possible when we decide to see, hear and care about each other and when we stop judging others based on race and religion and realize that we are all one, all connected and all loved.”
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