To The Macky Sall’s Administration: Are You Talking About Democracy ? By Ndiawar Diop

Hollande-MackyIn Africa, everywhere we look, in different countries, from East to West, North and South, we encounter so many stories about Government: Theft, Abuse and/or Democratic Issues (Neglect, Crimes, Discrimination, Nepotism …).
What are the solutions ?
How do we get African People and their Governments the urgency of implementing the right policies and necessary political decisions to kick the Chronic Poverty out of the Continent?
How do we work together together to make decisions that are thoughtful and equitable for all African People no mater what their political views?
With theses questions in mind, we ought to dedicate the entire issue in finding solutions by approaching the matter from all angles across different formats from the short scene pieces to the longer features.
Now, Talking about Democracy in Africa, is not just a simple issue of Human Error, it’s something we’ve seen in so many countries in different parts of the Mother Land. Now the problem is so complexe that we don’t know where to start and what are the urgencies. The issue needs to be talk about in order to inform, educate and inspire our Youths on every aspect of the problems.
With the expansion of Nepotism and Tribalism in the continent of Africa, we’ve witnessed suddenly what we call ‘Behind The Scenes Billionaires’ who are in Power to serve the interest of Western countries no matter the Risks of Humanitarian or Environmental Disasters their actions could create in the regions. When A Western Man Needs, The African Man Loses !
It has been said over and over in many series of different events in which we invited the African Youths, the Freedom Fighters and the Human Right Activists to focus on scrutinizing our Continent’s Biggest Problems. It’s my belief that with thoughtful debates among African Experts, we can generate important ideas and take them to a wider youth audience and to move our National Conversations away from Professional Politicians. Our special interests and actions should be directed toward public awareness and constructive policymaking to build up now the New Type of African Citizens that will face our New Daily Challenges, otherwise we will Perish Together in Silence.
Today, looking at my own country where I was born and raised, we can all witness that since 2012 with the elections of Macky Sall as the president of Senegal, Race and Ethnicity have been the main subjects in all discussions. The Systemic Racism and Ethnical or Tribal Discrimination “Haalpularisiton” he instills since he’s in power, has divided Senegal in different parts whereby the most important positions in his administration are occupied by members of his Ethnic Group, Haalpular.
Now we need to remember that in decades of existence, Senegal has never experience such extreme Racial and Ethnical Discrimination. Unfortunately, today, the Senegal in its entirety is suffering from such atrocity. The implication of Macky Sall’s Family (and Step Family) has somehow impacted, in a bad way, the ongoing ruling of the administration.
It must be heartbreaking to so many Senegalese People now looking back at all the sacrifices they have done and seeing them fall apart of our politicians’ Narcissistic Beliefs; especially Macky Sall whose only and unique desire is to Serve France. Is it because of his fusion with One Secret Group which has that Only Strongly Wish to Serve France, The Metropole?
Macky Sall has lied to the people so many times, put in jail his main opponents and instill a Police State; Now the question to ask is ‘Why is he willing to commit such atrocities ?’ It’s understandable that the answer we will get from them won’t be satisfying, however the only thing you need to know about Macky Sall is that he is Lost and anyone who spends many times with him will probably tell you that.
Today, most Senegalese People (just like many Africans) want passionately to make their country Numero Uno but the Lake of Vision and Motivation from their political leaders (Losers) has made it difficult for their dream to come true.
All Our Natural Ressources and Services belong to France Businessmen. There is absolutely Nothing a Senegalese man could do differently to break into Businesses and be successful without being sponsored by a French Business; Shame on You Macky Sall for abandoning your fellow Senegalese People to serve Paris’s Interest.
Now, the Only Hope we have is we just have to THANK GOD for the Big Plus we have; the awareness as a nation that we’re indivisible. That awareness can be used today as a Psychological Weapon internally and externally to empower our youths of the Biggest Challenge to keeping it Alive because it’s a Duty for Every Senegalese People.

Alaboni Macky Sall.
Ndiawar Diop
Journalist, News Correspondent, News Program Moderator, African Political Analyst.
[email protected]